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Norfolk Boats
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Hampton Safari Broads Cruiser                            £17995

Shetland 4+2 Cruiser                                               £8995

Dory 13ft, Outboard, (4 Stroke) Trailer                  £1500                                                                  

Dory 17, Wilson Flyer,  Outboard.                              £1500.

Picton River Cruiser, Trailer                                      £3950

Birchwood 25 Cruiser Diesel/Shaft Drive                


Broom Scorpio, Outboard, Trailer                             £3950

Wavy Rider Diesel Cruiser                                              £4950

Zodiac 340s Rib, Yamaha 2.5HP Outboard Motor       £1495


Rigid Raider with trailer, Choice of outboards, Call for Details

Broads  Dayboats              (Choice please call for details)